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Skanderbeg Capital Advisors is a boutique merchant bank and capital advisor firm. We have two main pillars of our business: Structuring and Advising. We have expertise in capital raising, marketing, awareness and investor relations. Our network of investors has experienced an unparalleled track record of success and profit from our past deal flow.

About Skanderbeg

Skanderbeg Capital Advisors is a boutique merchant bank and advisory group focused on identifying undervalued companies with highly prospective business opportunities. We primarily focus on public companies in the natural resource, cannabis, technology, biotech and special situations sectors

Skanderbeg Capital Advisors has multiple areas of expertise and focus: Structuring, investing, financing and advising on capital markets strategies that are synergistic with co investment partners and financiers.


Structuring companies is one of the main pillars of our business. Our strategy is to focus on identifying sectors and cycles that are rapidly emerging and compelling with significant growth ahead. We are connected with the top bankers, investors and financiers in the venture market. As such, we see consistent high quality assets and deal flow, and are able to quickly capitalize on a compelling opportunity.


We have often found that there are many great companies that are undervalued because the management teams are great fundamental operators, but lack the capital markets expertise to expose and unlock shareholder value through exposure via marketing, strategic funding and investor relations.  Operating from a “shareholder first” mentality, we seek to align ourselves with management and shareholder’s interests by only working with companies that we own equity in. Via a private placement or open market buying, once a shareholder, we look to implement the full strength of our networks and proven advisory services to function as a Capital Markets Partner.

Capital Raises

Skanderbeg Capital Advisors has led, been a syndicate member and/or advised on $100M in funding since January of 2016. Some highlights…

$46 Million – K92 Mining
$11 Million – Kenadyr Mining
$9.2 Million – Golden Arrow Resources
$10 Million – Lithium X Energy
$7.4 Million – First Cobalt Corp
$6.5 Million – Rise Gold Corp

Plus more…

Our Services

Key Network Introductions

We have a large network comprised of: High Net Worth investors, Retail Investment Advisors, Institutional Sales, Analysts, Investment Bankers, Fund Managers and Financiers.

Increasing Investor Awareness

We develop customized strategies designed to increase awareness in whatever area a client company is lacking, including retail, institutional, analyst, media and newsletters.

Increasing Liquidity

The implementation of our full range of advisory services and long term commitment to being a capital markets partner is proven to result in increasing investor awareness of client companies, which, ultimately serves to increase trading volume and liquidity.

Road Shows & Conference Calls

We take client companies on the road across including Western and Eastern Canada, the US, and Europe. In addition to road shows, we introduce new potential investors to client companies and set up conference calls when road shows are not available.

Marketing Materials

We have a strategic partnership with TSX Marketing, a leader in website and marketing material creation to help create or upgrade materials.

Investor Relations Contact

We are able to serve as the key point of contact for a company’s incoming investor relations inquiries and information requests.

Database Optimization and Management

We are able to help keep current shareholders up to date, as well as help to monitor and track potential investors. We have particular expertise in helping a company to optimize their current databases.

Capital Raising

We have a network comprised of investment bankers and financiers in all sectors and can assist any client company with whatever capital needs they have. We have a great track record with many in our network for identifying undervalued opportunities, under the radar of the capital markets.

Marketing Plan Advisory

We are able to assist in the creation of and implementation of a comprehensive investor relations and capital markets plan and budget. We have expertise in identifying value-add services and a history of knowing which ones generate the most effective results.

Newsletter & Social Media Advisory

We are able to assist in designing a plan to increase investor awareness amongst the newsletter community, as well as various avenues of social media. We customize strategies for maximizing a company’s presence and effectiveness on all aspects of social media marketing.

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