BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc. (“BIG” or “the Company”) (CSE: BIGG)(WKN: A2JSKG)(OTC: BBKCF), a leading developer of Blockchain technology search, risk-scoring and data analytics solutions, announces that the Company has signed a Partnership Agreement with the AML Shop to jointly deliver customized cryptocurrency forensic services and for the AML Shop to act as a distributor of BIG’s proprietary Blockchain investigative platform, QLUETM.

The AML Shop was founded by Matthew McGuire, one of the world’s leading experts in financial crime, and brings together a dynamic team of industry experts that provide advice, regulatory compliance support, audits, training and staffing solutions to ensure its clients meet and exceed their business objectives. The AML Shop’s team has experience assisting institutions large and small — from Fortune Global 500 financial services companies to U.S. Regional banks, insurance companies, cryptocurrency exchanges, investment and securities brokerage firms — with their AML technology needs.

BIG brings security and accountability to the new era of cryptocurrency through its proprietary risk-scoring tool, BitRank VerifiedTM, and data forensics tool, QLUETM. BIG’s Forensic Services Division provides complementary, hands-on services enabling organizations to forensically investigate and monitor suspicious cryptocurrency use, employing BIG’s advanced search algorithms and team of expert investigators.

“We are excited to have entered into this partnership with the AML Shop and look forward to working with Matt and his team,” said BIG CEO, Lance Morginn. “This partnership augments our Forensic Services Division in providing cryptocurrency forensic services across North America. Additionally, as a distributor of our cloud-based investigative platform, the AML Shop is ideally positioned to help its clients reap the benefits of QLUETM, whether that’s law enforcement or regulators that need to trace, track and monitor illicit cryptocurrency transactions, or the financial sector and retailers looking to embrace cryptocurrencies with assurance and accountability while meeting their regulatory compliance and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) obligations.” 

The AML Shop’s Founder, Matthew McGuire, commented: “We recognized the unique capability that BIG’s products and services represent in enabling us to deepen our own capabilities, tools and offerings regarding the detection of illicit funds. We look forward to our partnership with BIG being a triple win for the AML Shop, BIG, and the clients that benefit from the tools and services provided.”

BIG’s Forensic Services Division brings the Company’s team of investigative experts into action for investigations that require in-depth expertise and experience, either in conjunction with or supplemental to BIG’s user-friendly search, risk-scoring and data analytics tools: BitRank VerifiedTMand QLUETM.

BIG’s flagship product, QLUETM (Qualitative Law Enforcement Unified Edge), is a blockchain investigation security platform that enables law enforcement and financial institution investigators to quickly perform due diligence at a forensic level, by visually exploring the transactional path and patterns involved.

With QLUETM and/or the Forensic Services Division, entities can:

  • reduce their risk exposure related to cryptocurrencies;
  • increase confidence in meeting regulatory compliance;
  • increase security through Anti-Money Laundering (AML) efforts;
  • deliver transparency regarding the legitimacy of transactions;
  • create a deterrence against criminal elements that could engage in illicit activity; and,
  • provide assurance to their clients that measures are in place to strongly curtail illicit transactions or reduce the amount of illicit funds that would have otherwise transacted.