Stina Resources Ltd. (“Stina” or the “Company”) (CSE: SQA) (OTCQB: STNUF) (Frankfurt: 01X) (Mar 21/18 Close: CAD $0.50) is pleased to announce the appointment of the three senior managers who will head the main operating divisions for Enerox GmbH (“Enerox”).  Enerox is a newly formed Austrian company that will assume the assets of Gildemeister Energy Storage GmbH, notably its CellCube vanadium redox flow battery (VRB), once the Stina asset purchase is concluded. At the outset, Enerox is expected to have 25 full-time dedicated employees.

The three appointments are:

Mr. Frank Baumann, Head of Global Sales
Mr. Baumann, who has been with Gildemeister since July 2016, will be Head of Global Sales. He was formerly Sales Director Energy Storage Europe for Samsung SDI Europe GmbH and Senior Sales Manager for Exide Technologies GmbH. In both positions, he had European responsibility for key customers. Mr. Baumann is a graduate in Project Management Economics as well as being a Graduated Business Economist.

Mr. Martin Harrer, Head of Development
Mr. Harrer, who has over 17 years of experience in VRBs and has been with Gildemeister since inception, will be Head of Development. Mr. Harrer has been leading the interdisciplinary R&D team for eight years. As well as being responsible for the development of the CellCube, he is an inventor and co-inventor of key features with more than 20 patent applications. He was responsible for fundamental flow battery development and demonstration projects when he was Project Manager at Funktionswerkstoffe GmbH. Mr. Harrer earned a degree in chemical engineering from Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Science in Nuremberg, Germany.

Thomas Heinrauch, Head of Operations
Mr. Heinrauch, who has been with Gildemeister since May 2017, will be Head of Operations and in charge of production, sourcing, procurement and material management, logistics and facility management. Mr. Heinrauch was previously Head of Final Assembly for Sandvik Mining and Construction GmbH where he was responsible for 135 employees. He has a Bachelor Degree with Honours in Industrial Management and is currently pursuing his Masters in International Industrial Management.

“Along with the recently announced appointment of Stefan Schauss as President and CEO of Enerox, these individuals bring a broad range of business and management skills to Stina.  We are now well positioned to continue the rapid expansion of the CellCube vanadium redox flow battery and to meet the demands of our large sales pipeline in a timely and cost-efficient manner,” stated Brian Stecyk, CEO of Stina. “The experience and unique skill set of our operating management team, including individuals at Jet Power and Controls, complement the financial and business strategy strengths of Stina’s current Board,” added Mr. Stecyk.

Gildemeister Energy Storage GmbH has been a world leader in the development of vanadium redox flow batteries since 2000. After extensive research and development, Gildemeister developed the patented CellCube® battery with now over 100 battery installations in use around the world. CellCubes are used for a variety of purposes including grid storage, micro-grids; off-grid storage for solar and wind power storage, diesel power replacement; back-up power systems; farming applications, electrical vehicle charging stations; industrial plants and office building applications; and emergency power sources.

Recently Stina announced that it had acquired Jet Power and Controls Ltd., a leading-edge provider of custom and off-the-shelf electrical equipment and systems for heavy power users, pipeline companies, refineries, manufacturers, municipalities and infrastructure providers and equipment. Its key products include electrical switchgear, motor control switchers, and solar power inverters.